If you need to understand how much data you are using, or you're moving and just want to make that request online, here are some tools to help you save some time.

Need to know how much data you are using?

You can track your usage within Ontario and Quebec through our MyAccount customer portal.

MyAccount Portal

Moving and taking your TekTalk with you?

If you have TekTalk service and will be moving addresses with it, please update your address information for 911 purposes!

Update Now

TekTalk Customer Portal

Are you a TekTalk Premium or TekTalk Unlimited customer? Log into the TekTalk Portal to access a plethora of features for your service!

TekTalk Portal

Add features or hardware to your service

Request new features or hardware for your DSL service through our online add-on form.

Add-on Form

Old School Dial-Up Numbers

Don't have access to broadband connections? No worries! Check out these Dial-Up numbers for your area.

Dial-Up Numbers

Long Distance Rate Lookup

Want to know the rates for calling long distance? Check out our handy tool!

TekTalk rates

Network Status Map

Think you might be part of an area outage? Check out our maintenance and known outage map!

Network Map

Slow Speed Test Tools

Having difficulties with your service? Download our testing tools to help you with troubleshooting! This test will assist with grabbing information needed by our technical support teams.

Download Now

BC/AB Download Now