Corporate Responsibility

Here at TekSavvy, we pride ourselves on being active in our local communities.

Providing high quality Internet service isn't the only way TekSavvy works to build a better world. We’re strong believers in giving back to our communities. We’ve given our support to a number of initiatives designed to give back. Providing support to help our community continue to thrive is important.

We’re committed to coming to the aid of people in need. We work with agencies like the United Way to help create a better life for Canadians. We also feel it is important to work on a smaller very meaningful level by supporting local sports teams. We’re planning more programs for the future, and we encourage all of our employees to contribute in some way to the greater community and those in need.


 United Way of CK

United Way


We here at TekSavvy feel that the United Way’s mission is directly in line with how we want to impact our communities. We want to be able to support both local and national communities to create a better life for all Canadians, regardless of the community in which they live.



Children’s Treatment Centre Foundation of Chatham-Kent


TekSavvy believes every child deserves a chance and access to pediatric rehabilitation services. The mandate of the Children’s Treatment Centre Foundation of Chatham-Kent is solely to help fund the Children’s Treatment Centre to enable the centre to continue to provide children and youth from across the region with physical, developmental or communication needs the therapy services they require to achieve their full potential.


 TekSavvy Festival of Giving

 TekSavvy YMCA Strong Kids Campaign


YMCA Strong Kids Campaign


TekSavvy believes everyone should be able to participate in community programs regardless of their financial means. 



Canadian Cancer Society


Our community’s health is something TekSavvy doesn’t take lightly. That’s why we donate to and help raise awareness of the Canadian Cancer society. 


 TekSavvy Helps Fight Breast Cancer

 TekSavvy Cobras


TekSavvy Cobras


By supporting our youth and local sporting initiatives, we give back to the community in a variety of ways. Helping to promote the Cobras, we also promote a healthy lifestyle to our youth and help ensure there are some economic spin-offs for our community.